About me

I am currently pursuing a Dual-Title in Adult Education and Comparative International Education PhD at Pennsylvania State University.

My work focuses on education in and after violent conflict. My research interests span informal learning, women’s education in conflict-affected environments, technology innovations in education, anthropological and cultural studies, education planning and programming, and human rights advocacy. My drive and development philosophy is education, be it human rights education, peace education, or non-formal continuing education.

I hold a Masters of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies from American University focusing on conflict resolution, human rights law, and anthropology with a BA in anthropology from Case Western Reserve University.

For those wanting more, visit my linkedin page, academia.edu page or my Peacebuilding and Collaborative Development Network page. And feel free to e mail me with any questions or thoughts, AllyKrupar (at) psu (dot) edu or Follow me on Twitter.

Please note: this blog includes both my personal reflections and professional research and work.